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Introduction & Acceptance of the Privacy Policy (‘we’, ‘us’ or 'findcar') completely understands that the privacy of our users is of utmost importance and is committed that no compromise will be done over ensuring that there is no leakage of information of any sort. It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly read the privacy policy before using the website. You must understand that your usage of the website or our service will automatically mean that you agree to the privacy policy of Widewheels.


Purpose of Collecting Information

While registering with the website to make full use of our services, you will have to provide necessary information such as your name, email address and date of birth. Such data is collected for the following reasons:
  • To identify fake accounts
  • To help users find perfect vehicles
  • To provide users the full range of our services that include newsletters, promotional and marketing material via email
  • To follow up and handle the enquiries or complaints of users
  • To contact users
  • To obtain statistics that will identify the performance of the website


Disclosure of Information

Widewheels is committed to take all necessary measures to protect the information of its valued customers and no personal data will be disclosed unless it is required by law enforcing agencies for legal purposes.


Mailing List

At the time of registration or later, you can opt to receive regular newsletters from Widewheels via email. These newsletters will include news about the automobile industry around the globe and especially from the Pakistan. These emails may also include promotional or advertising content. At the time of signing up, you will be asked to provide email address and other information such as your location and interests, so that we can personalize a newsletter for you. If you are not interested in receiving newsletters from our website, you must not sign up for them.



In order to enhance our services, we always welcome feedback from users. Apart from providing us your valuable feedback through email, which will be completely private, you can also comment on features, blogs and news on our website and share your thoughts about the story. However, Widewheels possesses all the rights to disapprove or delete content posted by you on the website without any prior notice. It must be very clear that Widewheels will not tolerate any type of comment that is threatening to other users, abusive, blasphemous, unlawful, discourages other users to visit our website and if it is provocative for anyone. In order to post comments on the content of our website, you must register yourself with the website first.



We may store some information on your computer in shape of a Cookie or a similar file when you visit our website. It needs to be remembered that small pieces of information that are stored on a user’s hard drive are called Cookies. These Cookies are in place for your convenience as they will help you navigate our website better and they do not have the ability to invade your hard drive or to spy your activities on the internet.


Links to Other Websites

To make our content more user-friendly, we use hyperlinks to other websites in our content. However, we do not take any responsibility for the information that you will provide to other websites you access by clicking on the links provided by us. Widewheels is not responsible for the privacy practices of any other website.



Widewheels may work with any advertisement company that requires your information before placing ads on our website. That information, however, will not include any personal data like name, date of birth, location, email addresses or phone numbers.
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